What rock face?

Well - not everybody is born a climber...

... but one can learn it, at least to a degree!

This is a little website made to share some impressions gathered in December 2005 during our excursions into Old Forest Crags, a sports climbing spot tucked away along South Africaís scenic Garden Route. Thatís right on the Southern coast of the African continent. Check out a map or download this Google Earth-Link to find out exactly where the spot is.

Old Forest Crags lies some twenty kilometres to the East of Plettenberg Bay and about 55 kilometres away from our home in Knysna. The actual climbing wall is hidden away in one of the deep river gorges cut through the narrow strip of land between the Tsitsikamma Mountain range and the Indian Ocean by the mountain streams. In this case itís the Salt River which joins the Ocean at Natureís Valley - but you cannot see the mouth from where we climbed; it is hidden away behind numerous bends.

Nature's Valley and Salt River Lagoon

Climbing at Old Forest Crags

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